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Fuzzy picture:

Occasionally our customers will see a fine, fuzzy network of fibers growing at the bottom of our Nanoshoots package. People sometimes associate what they are seeing with common mold. However, they are actually, wholesome, highly edible root hairs; proof of living, growing sprouts continuing to thrive in the package thanks to our unique COLD GROWN® process. These root hairs are often referred to as “rootlets”.

Some Nanoshoot seed varieties are more prone to developing rootlets than others. Those seed varieties are Broccoli (in our 100% Broccoli, Clover & Broccoli blends) and Radish (in our Spicy Clover & Radish blend).

Do not disturb:

Another feature of the COLD GROWN® process is the presence of natural seed caps and occasional un-germinated seeds among the growing sprouts. They are proof of the sprouts growing undisturbed in the package, free of excessive handling and related contamination.

Vive la difference:

So when assessing the quality and condition of Nanoshoots take a moment to notice the rootlets, and seed caps, and celebrate the difference.



  • Lucia

    Beautiful! I’m so glad to have sprouts back in stores! For years I’ve searched and searched but no luck! These sprouts are delicious, crisp, refreshing, and full of nutrients! Thank you so much!

    • Douglas McFarland

      Hello Lucia,
      Wow! I’m happy that you are enjoying our new Nanoshoots. Around here we call Nanoshoots “Sprouts v 2.0” because they’ve been absent from stores for so long. Thanks for being a fan, and don’t hesitate to keep in touch.

    • Douglas McFarland

      Hello Barb,
      I so happy that you reached out to us with your question. According to the International Sprout Growers Association (ISGA) broccoli sprouts contain about 4 grams of dietary fiber per 84 gram (3 oz.) serving. That’s about 16% of the recommended daily value. I hope that this is helpful and that Nanoshoots can help meet your nutritional goals.

  • Amanda

    I just purchased the bold broccoli for my bacon, tomato, avocado and sprouts sandwich for work tomorrow and when I went to put all of the fixings together I opened up the package and saw the bottom, I was like what the hell?? I got moldy sprouts?? Then I read the lid and went on the website to investigate what was going on. Thank you for clarifying of just what it was. So I tried it and I have to say that these things are AWESOME!! Very flavourful!! Not wilted or slimy. You have a forever customer now. Thank you again. I can’t wait until lunch tomorrow. If it makes it that long!!🤪

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