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Rä Nanoshoots

  1.   Living, growing tiny plants

  2.   Planted and grown quiescently in individual 3 oz. packages

  3.   Patent pending COLD GROWN® process prevents pathogen growth

  4.   Uses only 1/4 cup of water per package with no waste

  5.   Grows undisturbed in original package until opened at home

  6.   Untouched to assure freshness, purity, and a long 21 day shelf life

"Traditional" Sprouts

  1.   Germinated seeds

  2.   Germinated and tumbled in high volume rotating drums

  3.   Incubated in warm, damp conditions that promote pathogen growth

  4.   Produces excess water that must be disposed of

  5.   Moved from drums to bins to washers to dryers to packers

  6.   Handling promotes spoilage, introduces contaminants, and shortens shelf life